Some local businesses finally have good news—restaurants reported healthy gains in January, up 6.9 percent from December. 

Though restaurants and other local businesses around the country had improved bottom lines in January, they’ve got a long way to go to make up for 2020 losses. Nationally, restaurants are still $11 billion below their pre-pandemic levels, according to the National Restaurant Association. So now is the time to show our local eateries some love. Here are three local restaurants we think you’ll want to try in Montebello.

Tony’s Delicatessen

At 2012 W. Whittier Boulevard, this local, family-owned deli has been supplying Montebello with delicious sandwiches, pizza, pasta, and more since 1965. You know it’s good because there’s almost always a line. The menu at Tony’s Delicatessen includes made-from-scratch bread, a wide array of sandwiches—from head cheese to vegetarian—pizzas, and hot dishes like eggplant parmigiana and lasagne. 

You can call in an order at (323) 721-0637 for your favorite dish or order online to save time.

H.C. Armenian Mediterranean Restaurant

Are you looking for something a little different than your usual lunch or dinner fare? At 2110 W. Whittier Boulevard, H.C. Armenian Mediterranean Restaurant offers high-quality, authentic Mediterranean and Armenian dishes. You can get a falafel sandwich—with feta fries, of course—pita nachos, hummus, kababs, soups, and salads. Or you can find dishes that are a little more out of the ordinary, like frog legs or wild sturgeon kabobs. 

You can call for takeout at (323) 278-0102 or order online. 

Little Mexico

Little Mexico prides itself on serving dishes created from authentic family recipes using the freshest ingredients. From desayunos (breakfast) to burritos, molcajetes to a variety of traditional seafood dishes, you can find the Mexican food you’re craving. It has two locations in Montebello—1923 Whittier Boulevard and 2302 W. Whittier Boulevard (inside the carwash). 

The restaurant also displays artifacts from all over Mexico so that you can get a history lesson, too.

The past year has been rough for local businesses, especially restaurants. Let’s support places like Tony’s Delicatessen, H.C. Armenian Mediterranean Restaurant, and Little Mexico by eating their delicious food.