Purple AF, The Beast, and Regal Beagle: These are just a few of the drafts you’ll find at Angry Horse Brewing in Montebello, CA, with flavors as unique as their names. Intrigued? 

Since opening its taproom in 2017, Angry Horse Brewing has been sharing its bold and responsible take on craft brewing, and it’s only grown in popularity, pandemic excluded. Let’s take a look at what makes this brewery so special and such a unique addition to the scene in Montebello, CA.

What Makes Angry Horse Brewing Unique?

Angry Horse Brewing has a constantly changing menu of artisan craft beer to choose from, including American IPAs, porters, stouts, blonde ales, Belgian goldens, and many more. Founders Nathan and James McCusker are constantly looking for unique and innovative ways to produce the best craft beer and deliver it to their patrons. Angry Horse Brewing also sells its beer online for those who want to enjoy it outside of the taproom. 

What’s the Atmosphere Like at Angry Horse Brewing?

Giving back to and engaging with the community is another driving factor for the Angry Horse Brewing team. On any given evening, visitors will find a vibrant scene full of games, food, laughter, and of course, great craft beer. Though they don’t sell food themselves, there are almost always vendors and food trucks that partner with Angry Horse Brewing to deliver great food to go along with great beer. 

What Else Is Going on at Angry Horse Brewing?

Beyond just selling and serving beer, Angry Horse Brewing runs a beer education series where participants learn to recognize the subtle flavors of different hops, how to handle them, and bring out their full potential. 

Angry Horse Brewing also hosts local musicians most weekends. A wrap-around patio with plenty of seating in addition to tables set up around the building means there’s plenty of room for everyone and enough space to remain safe. Stay on the lookout for education series and special events by following Angry Horse Brewing on social media and checking out the menu on their website

Looking for something to do this weekend? Stop by Angry Horse Brewing for an evening of fun, friends, food, and plenty of craft beer! As you do so, you’ll learn how much Montebello, CA, has to offer. And if that gets you thinking of moving here, consider Somerset Apartment Homes. We know you’ll love it here!

Photo courtesy: Angry Horse Brewing