We are very busy people. Between the time we spend at work, taking classes, maintaining the household, running errands, and helping others, it can be challenging to find time for ourselves and each other. A study by H&R Block discovered people average less than five hours of free time every week.

With the pandemic keeping people out of bars and restaurants, it is now the perfect time to let loose by planning some fun roommate activities at home. Here are three suggestions for planning a fun and memorable roomie night.

Order Out

Contrary to popular belief, Americans are not putting on the “quarantine 15” during the COVID health crisis. The average adult has only gained .21 pounds during the crisis. Do you know what that means? It’s time for you and your roommate to call on some of Montebello’s most fabulous restaurants for a buffet of fun treats.

Call ahead to pick up an order of Sashimi, Red Dragon, and Tempura California Rolls from Oji Sushi. Then, select a few of the delightful french macarons from Brioche Pastries. In addition to tasting some of the most exceptional dishes in town, you’ll also be helping local businesses when they need you most.

Movie Night

Nothing helps you and your roommate to unwind quite like a captivating film. While it’s always fun to go to the theatre, 70 percent of Americans prefer to watch movies at home. Put on those pajamas, pop some popcorn, and settle in for a good time.

If you’re looking for a cinematic experience with multiple plot twists that keep you guessing, try watching The Prestige. Prefer a good romance film? The Notebook is full of strong performances and a plotline that will keep your eyes misty. If suspense is your cup of tea, watch Us for a scary good time.

Hearts and Crafts

Turn off the TV and dust off your creativity by having a fun night of making crafts with your roomie. Like most of us, you may be an amateur in art, but that shouldn’t stop you from letting your imagination shine. A $36 billion industry, crafting is a beautiful way to connect with others.

Turn on your favorite music, get cozy, and start crafting. You’ll be surprised how quickly time passes and how easy conversation comes when you’re engaged in creating something fun and lasting. From personalized pillowcases and picture frames to a fancy scrapbook page or greeting card, being creative will open up your mind.

While the world around us continues to adapt to life in the pandemic, take a little time for you and your roommate to have a memorable night together. By supporting your local eateries, picking the perfect movie, and enjoying some satisfying crafts, you can plan a fun roommate night to remember.