If you live in an apartment, chances are you don’t have vast, open living spaces. Does that mean pets are a no-no? Absolutely not! At Somerset Apartments, we love and encourage pets as long as they meet our standards. Here are some of our favorites!

Small- to Medium-Sized Dogs

There is nothing better than seeing a resident walking with a furry, tiny companion outside! Smaller dogs are the best, especially when living in an apartment, because they don’t need a ton of space to run around. Before you buy a dog, call our front office to ensure that the breed you want isn’t on our restricted list. In addition, remember our 50-pound weight limit for dogs.

Guinea Pig

Are you looking for an adorable, fluffy companion but aren’t ready to commit to a dog that needs frequent love and attention? A guinea pig is a great alternative pet, and they are easy to care for. Line their cage with paper, give them water, pellets, and veggies daily, add a few toys, and voilà! You’re set! The best part is that you don’t have to take them outside to go potty. Just remembers to clean their cage at least once a week.


They may not be fluffy, but they sure are cool to look at. Geckos come in all colors and patterns, like a black and white leopard pattern, for example. Not only are they pretty, but they are extremely low maintenance animals, making them great for apartment living. Geckos only require a small cage, a light, and some insects and water. Further, their docile nature makes them perfect for children.


Cats are puuurfect pets for apartment living. Many have low to moderate energy levels, allowing them to thrive in smaller living spaces. Don’t forget to buy some toys and a scratching post to keep your cute kitten busy while you aren’t home.

From cuddly dogs to fluffy rodents to sleeky lizards, there are so many apartment-friendly pet options! As a last-minute reminder, all small animals must be caged and kept in sanitary conditions, and we have a two-pet-per-apartment policy. We look forward to seeing which pet you choose as your furry (or scaly) companion. Have fun pet shopping!