Last year, you may have opted out of spring cleaning because you didn’t have time. Lucky for you, that excuse probably won’t cut it this year. If you find yourself quarantined at home with extra time on your hands, grab some cleaning supplies and get to work.

Here are three tips to help you deep clean this spring.

Tip #1 Make a Schedule

Complete a precleaning scope. Which rooms are the dirtiest? Are there areas you normally skip during your normal cleaning time? Try starting with those places first, as they will need the most attention. If you’re like most Americans, that first place will be the bathroom, particularly the toilet. As gross as it sounds, it needs to be done. The sooner, the better!

Tip #2 Organize

You can’t clean a cluttered apartment. Before cleaning a room, declutter. This means donating old clothes or shoes you no longer use, throwing away trash and expired food items in your pantry, and making your shelves in your bathroom neat.

To make your job easier, here is a list of places in or around Los Angeles that take gently used clothing donations!

Tip #3 Think Green

Help improve the environment through green cleaning. This means using natural cleaning products over chemical ones and reusable rags over disposable paper towels.

Tip #4 Clean Forgotten Spaces

Windows, walls, and baseboards need some love, too! Wipe your windows clean with a glass cleaner and a squeegee, dust the blinds (if you have them), and vacuum the windowsills—who knows how much dust and bugs have gotten stuck there!

As for the walls, vacuum them with a soft-bristled brush attachment to avoid scratching them. Then, dust your baseboards and wipe them down with a rag soaked in warm water. It’s as simple as that!

Tip #5 Make a Note to Yourself to Clean Better Throughout the Year

Chances are, you won’t be quarantined next springtime. That means your cleaning time will be limited. Make an initiative to clean your apartment weekly, especially high-traffic areas like the kitchen and bathroom. The more items you add to your routine cleaning process, the less you will have to deep clean when spring rolls around again.

Happy cleaning!